About Us

Ex-Lease IT Equipment

Who are we:

Telispire Call Tech Private Limited is an India Based India Owned Ex Lease IT Reseller/Distributor.
We are a 24 hours online store operating from our office in Noida.

What we do:

As a distributor of Ex-lease, and end of line computers and computer accessories. We stock all the major brands of Laptops and Desktop PC’s including some peripherals. We ship equipment within India & New Zealand we ensure the products we sell comply with all policies of Microsoft and Software Laws at all times.

Our Products:

We only sell Business Grade Laptops and Desktops:

Business Computers –
Business laptops are designed to take a beating, to endure heat, humidity, pressure, shock, and other extremes so that the laptops can survive anything business travelers and outdoor workers toss at them.

The Difference between Consumer and Business Grade

Consumer grade 
electronics are the thoroughly mass-produced electronics. In most brick-and-mortar stores they come up in the sort-by-price listings on manufacturers’ websites. These are made to last 12 months. They come with a warranty that matches this expected life-span.

Business grade 
electronics are assembled to order. Some manufacturers, like Dell, keep a small number on-hand. They are preconfigured to the most popular specifications to speed up delivery times. They cost more, being constructed of longer-lasting components. Also, they include better support and warranties and will cost you less in upkeep.

How we can help:
If you cant find what you are looking for on our website please contact us via our contact us page we can source most laptop and desktop models in the market at a much better price due to our low overheads.

We will post stock that is either in bulk quantities or of special interest such as Business Laptops and Desktops. We will also be running specials on our ex-lease gear online and weekly e mailers.

For further information, contact our sales team on 0120 4331994 or email us on info@telispireworld.com.